Testing The Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid

A Defective Pulse Solenoid on the Older Midmark M11 Autoclaves Can Be Fatal To The PC Board

WARNING: The failure of the Pulse Solenoid can be fatal to your Control PC Board!

How to Test The Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid


This is a simple test, but you will need an Ohm Meter to complete it

Perform a resistance check. First disconnect the two wires to the coil, then perform the resistance check, looking for a short circuit.  With your meter set for 200 ohms (make sure your batter in the meter is fresh), place a probe on each of the two terminals and look at the reading

The resistance of the coil should read as follows:   Pulse Solenoid (Part #MIS079- 817) ~11.6 Ohms

If the resistance reading of the Coil is near zero ohms, the Coil is shorted and needs to be replaced

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