(image for) Midmark M11 DOOR PULSE SOLENOID


Model: MIS079-817



Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid - Guaranteed Quality

Part #MIS079-817
Midmark Part #002-0363-03


  • 3/16" Quick Disconnect Terminals
  • Single wound coil 120V/60Hz.
  • Pull type solenoid
  • Black cell 11 ohms
  • Includes all parts as shown
    • Pulse Solenoid
    • Plunger
    • Rolling Pin

The Pulse Solenoid Automatically Opens The Midmark M11 Autoclave Door At The End Of A Cycle

Note:  The failure of the Pulse Solenoid can be fatal to your Control PC Board!

Click Here To Learn How To Test The Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid

Fits: Door hinge mounting bracket

Model(s) This Part Fits: Fits Midmark M11 Autoclave -001 thru -019 with Serial # prefixes ES, ET, FP, FR & GB

How Does The Pulse Solenoid Work?

Like all solenoids, the Pulse Solenoid is an electromagnet. When energized by the board, the pulse solenoid plunger pulls down on the latching lever, causing the door to open

What Are The Symptoms Of A Defective Pulse Solenoid?
  • Door does not open at end of cycle
  • Error Code E008
  • Error Code E009
  • Blown fuses

Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid
Removal & Installation (M11 only)

How To Remove The Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid


  1. Remove the Control PC Board
  2. Remove the two screws (1) from the Pulse Solenoid (2)
  3. Remove nut (3) and shoulder screw (4), and then remove pulse solenoid (2) and latch lever (5) as an assembly from Chamber bracket (6).
  4. Using 3/32 in. punch, remove roll pin (7) and latch lever (5) from plunger of Pulse Solenoid (2)
How To Install The Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid

How To Install the Midmark M11 Pulse Solenoid


  1. Using 3/32 in. punch, install latch lever (5) on the plunger of Pulse Solenoid (2) and secure using the roll pin (7)
  2. Coat the shoulder screw (4) with Loctite 271
  3. Install the latch lever (5) and the pulse solenoid (2) as an assembly on the Chamber bracket (6) Secure using shoulder screw (4) and nut (3)
  4. NOTE: The holes for the two screws (1) are oblong. Install screws at the top of each hole first, then adjust downward as necessary if door will not open.
  5. Position the pulse solenoid (2) on the Chamber bracket (6) and secure in position using the two screws (1)
  6. Install the Control PC Board
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