Cannot Control Temperature Or Pressure

Pelton Crane OCM
No Control Of Pressure Or Temperature

What to Check How To Test What To Do
Overheat Thermostat Jumper Overheat Thermostat Out Of System If Autoclave Functions Normally after Overheat Thermostat has been jumpered out, then recalibrate or replace Overheat Thermostat Part #PCT042-058
Thermistor Assembly Measure Resistance Of Thermistor If Resistance is out of Range, Or fails to respond when heat is applied, Replace Thermistor Assembly Part #PCT008-056
Solid State Controller (PC Board) Measure Voltage From Common Terminal of Power Switch No.2 to Common Terminal of Function Switch. If you get a reading of 0 Volts, Board is good. But if it is 120 Volts, the Board is Open and needs to be replaced If Solid State Controller is defective, replace with Part #PCT169-065
Center Heating Element Measure Resistance of Heating Element. Heating Element is rated at 12 Ohms. Also test Heating Element for a direct short Replace Heating Element. Replace Heating Element With Part #PCH048-029 if Heating Elements is 10.25 inches long, or Part #PCH024-028 If Heatine Element is 11 1/2 inches long widget logo