Tuttnauer Automatic (E Series) High Temp Error




EZ10: High Temp Error

EZ10 HIGH TEMP - This message is displayed, the Cycle Fail indicator lights and the cycle is aborted if the temperature rises 9° F (5° C) above the required sterilization temperature during the Sterilization phase of the cycle. This message will also be displayed if the Temperature Sensor is damaged. If the Temp Sensor is damaged, the High Temp message will appear just before the Heat Phase Starts


Possible causes for the High Temp Message are:

a. The Heating Elements are remaining on instead of cycling on and off like they are supposed to
b. Check for a shorted Solid State Relay, shorted Heating Element or other short circuit.  (Click Here To Learm How To Test The Tuttnauer Solid State Relay)
c. This message can Also indicate a bad Temperature Sensor --- the message will display any time during the Heat Up phase.

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