Peri Pro Shutter Release Repair Kit Installation

Do you think all those gears and spindles are too much for you to handle? Think again!

It's like putting together a puzzle with a cheat sheet

How To Repair The Peri Pro Shutter Release
Using The Shutter Release Repair Kit (Part #ATK628-5995)

(For Peri Pro I & II)

Installation Tip: Use a pin punch or center punch (available almost everywhere including Lowes, Home Depot & Walmart) to tap gears, shafts and bushings for removal or installation.

To avoid damage to the transport while tapping these parts, support the underside of transport frame with a several strips of wood in varying sizes (eg. 1"x1", 2"x2" and 2"x4") as needed.

Upper Transport
  1. To repair the Upper Transport, first remove the Top Plate by using a pin punch or center punch to partially tap out the three Top Plate Pins from the back side of the Transport. Using pliers, twist and pull the pins all the way out – making sure that the knurled part of the pin exits first

  2. See Figures 2 and 3

    SERVICE TIP: This is a good time to clean and dry the Shutter Plate and the under side of the Top Plate
  3. Remove the Shutter Release Bar, Spring Pin, and Compression Spring by first removing the Spring Pin (Part #ATP602). To remove the Spring Pin, use a pin punch or center punch to partially tap out the pin from the top side. Use pliers to pull pin all the way out by twisting and pulling

  4. SERVICE TIP: This is a good time to clean the Release Bar Tabs. See Figure 3.
  5. Install the new Shutter Release Bar (Part #ATB600), Spring Pin (Part #ATP602), and Compression Spring (Part #ATS601). Once installed, inspect the Shutter Release Bar for free movement and spring back action
  6. Place the parts listed below on the shaft in the following order:

    1. Hub & Pin Assembly (Part #ATH604) with the pins pointing to the 3:00 o’clock position.
    2. Timer Gear (Part #ATG605) with the raised molded dot pointing to the 10:00 o’clock position
    3. – See Figure 1 below. (Note: The upper and lower transfer arms must be held in the horizontal position while setting the Timer Gear – See Figure 2) The Plastic Snap Ring (Part #ATR606) is the last part to be placed on the shaft in order to secure the other parts

  7. Replace the Rubber Bumper (Part #ATB609) which is used to dampen the Shutter Plate return – See Figure 3.

  8. Note: Use Silicone Gasket Maker (Part #RPS639) as an adhesive to secure the Rubber Bumper in place to keep it from falling out
  9. Replace the Shutter Return Spring (Part #ATS603) – See Figure 2. CAUTION: Do not over stretch the Shutter Return Spring during installation.
  10. Assembling the Top Plate, lay the Shutter Plate back onto the Top Plate using your finger, apply side pressure to Shutter Plate Pin to keep the Shutter Plate from falling out while aligning Top Plate holes to Transport holes. Ensure Shutter Plate operates freely before completely installing Top Plate Pins. Tap the Top Plate Pins in place one at a time – See Figure 2.
  11. If you are going to install the Transport Repair Kit (Part #ATK629), do so at this time, then proceed to Step #9

  12. If you have already installed the Transport Repair Kit (Part #ATK629), then proceed to Step #9.

    If you do not have to install the Transport Repair Kit (Part #ATK629), then proceed to Step #9.
  13. Adjust timing of transport as follows:
    • If all arms are in sync and in the horizontal position with each other (See Figure 2), but the raised molded dot on the Timer Gear (Part #ATG605) is not in correct 10:00 o’clock timing position (See Figure 1), then remove the Plastic Snap Ring and slide the Timer Gear off of the shaft, then re-align the Timer Gear. Verify alignment and timing.
    • If any section (RINSE WATER, FIXER or DEVELOPER ) or any part of a section is out of sync, but other sections are aligned and in time, then adjust only that section. Remove the Plastic Snap Ring and slide the Idler Gear off of the shaft from the same section, then re-align the Idler Gear. Verify alignment and timing.
    • Check for normal operation as follows: Pull back on the Shutter Plate Pin and the latch should lock the Shutter Plate in place. Rotating the gears clockwise, the Hub & Pin Assembly will engage the Shutter Release Bar and the Shutter Plate will retract slightly. The film will then drop into the Transport and the Shutter Plate will spring forward to its resting position. The film will be transferred from the DEVELOPER to the FIXER and then to the WATER section of the processor without getting caught up by the transfer.
Peri Pro Timing Gear Alignment

Peri Pro Transport (Rear View)

Peri Pro Transport (Front View) widget logo