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Model: ACPMM11-3381



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Midmark M11 Autoclave Parts -  Guaranteed High Quality

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Part #ACPMM11-3381
Midmark Part #002-0508-00 / 002-0504-00

Midmark M11 Door & Dam Gasket Kit


Exceptional Quality - These Gaskets Are Made From High Grade Silicone Rubber


Fits: Door

Model This Part Fits: Midmark M11 Autoclaves

Midmark recommends that the Door & Dam Gasket on the M11 be changed every 12 months (every 6 months for busy practices).

Do not let the appearance of the gaskets fool you. If you are following the maintenance instructions and cleaning the door gaskets weekly, then they can look like new.... with no signs of wear and tear. But that does mean they are good. Over time, the gaskets will shrink. Not enough that you will notice it, but enough to let the steam escape

A steam leak from a faulty or worn door/dam gasket can result in a variety of error codes. If you want to confirm that the gaskets are causing steam leaks around the door, you can rotate the door gasket approximately 45° and start another cycle. If the leak follows it, then the door gasket is faulty and needs to be replaced

Warning: Do Not operate the sterilizer with a steam leak. Running the unit with a leak can cause damage to other components

Note: Both Gaskets have recently been upgraded in both fit & materials, including High Quality Red Silicone Rubber construction. (When installing, be sure to remove the metal ring from the old Door Gasket...you do not need it with ours!)

How to Replace the Door & Dam Gaskets

First Remove The Old Gaskets

Open sterilizer door to gain access to the gaskets

  1. Remove The Old Dam Gasket By Pulling it Away From The Mounting Pins
  2. Remove the Old Door Gasket by pulling it out of the groove

Clean the groove and faceplates and make sure to remove all debris

How To Install the New Gaskets

  1. Install the new door gasket by inserting it into the groove in door 1 point at a time: Best practice is to start by pushing it into the grooves making a plus sign. Push the gasket in at the top (North) then the bottom (South) then the right side (East) and then to the left (West) & then work out the excess in between each point)
  2. Secure dam gasket by pressing it on to mounting pins (Best Practice is to use something like a socket to push securily on to the pins
  3. Install dam gasket (1) by inserting bottom edge of the dam gasket into the slot at the bottom of the door gasket. Best practice is to make sure the dam gasket is fully seated on the pins by using a nut driver (or socket) to push it all of the way on
  4. Close the sterilizer door
Use The Star Method By Pushing The Door Gasket Into the Grooves one Point at a Time
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