EOO8:Door Does Not Open At End Of Cycle: M9 & M11 Autoclaves

How To Install The Replacement Parts For Your M9 Autoclave

MIS044 M9 Pulse Solenoid
M9 Pulse Solenoid
M11 Pulse Solenoid
M11 Pulse Solenoid
Pulse Solenoid Location


How to Replace The Pulse Solenoid on Midmark Autoclaves


How To Remove The Pulse Solenoid

  1. Remove the Control PC Board
  2. Remove the two screws (1) from pulse solenoid
  3. Remove nut (3) and shoulder screw (4), and then remove pulse solenoid (2) and latch lever (5) as an assembly from pressure vessel bracket (6)
  4. Using a 3/32 in. punch, remove roll pin (#7) and latch lever (#5) from plunger of pulse solenoid (#2)

How To Install the New Pulse Solenoid

  1. Using 3/32 in. punch, install latch lever (5) on plunger of pulse solenoid (2) and secure using roll pin (7)
  2. Coat shoulder screw with Loctite 271
  3. Install latch lever (5) and pulse solenoid (2) as an assembly on chamber bracket (6)
  4. Secure using shoulder screw (4) and nut (3)


  • The holes for the two screws (1) are oblong. Install screws at the top of each hole first, then adjust downward as necessary if door will not open.
  • (4) Position pulse solenoid (2) on chamber bracket
  • (6) and secure in position using two screws
  • Install control PC board

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