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Statim 5000 SOLENOID - COIL

Statim 5000 SOLENOID - COIL

Model: SCC005-515

Guaranteed Quality Statim Autoclave Repair and Replacement Parts

Part #SCC005-515
Statim Part #01-104303s

  • Resistance 3.24 - 3.96 MEG Ω
  • 120VAC/60 HZ; 9W
  • ~25" long 22 AWG
  • .920" diameter x 1.260" long .45" thru hole
  • Teflon Wires
Fits: Solenoid valve

Model This Part Fits: Statim 5000 Autoclaves

What Is The Statim 5000 Solenoid Coil?

The Statim Solenoid Coil is nothing more than an electromagnet

What Does The Solenoid Coil Do?

When the solenoid coil is activated, it pulls up the plunger located underneath it, which in turn allows excess steam and air to pass and be released into the Statim Waste Bottle Condensing Coil as shown in the diagram below

Statim Plumbing Diagram

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