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Validator 10 BELLOWS

Model: PCB001-597



Guaranteed High Quality Pelton Crane Validator Replacement Parts

Part #PCB001-597
Pelton Crane Part #004048


Fits: Air Valve Housing

Model This Part Fits: Validator 10 Autoclave



How To Replace The Validator 10 Bellows


The bellows cap is made out of brass and is about an inch in diameter with knurled edges along the side of the cap. Unscrew the bellows cap by turning it counterclockwise through the access port at the rear of the sterilizer or remove sterilizer cover if necessary to access it.

You will see the Bellows is attached to the cap when you remove it. Next, unscrew the Bellows from the cap. Remove the O-ring from the groove inside the cap. Clean out air valve housing. Use a cotton swab to clean the seat.

Insert the new O-ring into the groove of the cap, screw the Bellows into the cap and then screw the Bellows assembly back into the housing (Do Not Over-Tighten) the bellows cap. (use no tools...hand tighten as much as possible)






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