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Section 2 - Validator Plus Theory Of Operation

The Validator Plus is a fully automatic autoclave which allows an operator to selecrt one of the four preset functions (WRAPPED, UNWRAPPED, PACKS & LIQUIDS) and one user-programmable function (SPECIAL) for sterilization or disinfection. The microprocessor automatically selects the cycle time, temperature and pressure for the selected program.

When the operator depresses the CLEAR/START button (A), the unit will display the selected mode's parameters for four seconds and then fill the chamber with distilled water from the reservoir. When the filling period is complete, automatic activiation of the heating elements builds temperature and pressure for the desired cycle.

At the point that saturated steam conditions are met, the unit will continuously build temperature and pressure to the minimum values of the mode selected.

WRAPPED/UNWRAPPED: 134 ° C and 216 kPa
PACKS/LIQUIDS: 121 ° C and 115 kPa
SPECIAL: per the operators preference. The range of values that can be set for SPECIAL mode are 101 ° C - 135 ° C for temperature & 1-90 minutes for the time. If the temperature is set below 106 ° C for the SPECIAL mode, the drying cycle will be disabled.

Once the minimum parameters for the selected mode have been met, the countdown timer begins.

The Validator Plus provides some of its status information through audible signals. A single beep is provided each time a self-diagnostic check is requested or the selection of a programmed cycle.

Five continuous beeps indicate the beginning of the drying cycle and five more beeps indicate the completion of the cycle.

Continuous beeps for one minute indicate an operatational error. (Beeper can be silenced during an operational error by depressing the CLEAR/START button. Be sure to record the display status before depressing the button as the display may also be cleared at this time).

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