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How To Get A Discount


How To Get A Discount

Want a Discount on the Autoclave Parts You Need?

We need your help (and so do others), and we are willing to pay for it!

We Need Autoclave Repair Videos

Here is all you need to do:
  1. Simply shoot a video of the repair on your autoclave. Be sure to narrate......Tell us
    • The Make & Model of Autoclave You Are Repairing
    • What type of repair you are making (ie: repairing a valve, etc)
    • Be educational - explain the repair step-by-step as you make the repair in the video (feel free to use our guides)
    • And Have Fun!
  2. Show as much detail as possible of the repair
  3. Make the video between 2 & 5 minutes long (you can include things like removing the cabinet, etc)
  4. Email it to Us along with your written permission to edit & publish the video
That's it! And, if we are able to use and publish your addition to helping will receive 25% off your next order, or you can have a rebate of 25% off the largest order you have placed with us within the last 30 days - your choice (discounts/rebates does not include shipping).

And That's Not All!

After receiving 10 new videos that we can publish, we will pick the best video submitted...... and if yours is the one selected, we will send you a check for an additional $100.00 (or a $125.00 discount on your next order...your choice) And then we will do it all over again after the next 10 new videos

This offer can not be combined with other offers