EZ10 Visual Index Part List

Parts for the Front of the EZ10 (Door Closed)


EZ10 Parts For Front of Autoclave
(With Door Closed)

Use This To Help You Identify The Various Parts Of Your EZ10 Autoclave

Part Name Part Number
Closing Device (Used to Lock & Seal Door CT220010-9124
Plastic Door Cover (Plastic Outer Shell Only) POL065-0053
Hinge Pin (Pin Only)  
Printer (Used For Process Documentation)  
Power Switch (Used to Turn Autoclave On & Off) TUS009-1072
KeyPad (Blue) TUK150-8902
KeyPad (Gray) TUK151-8963
HEPA Filter RPF644-1037
HEPA Filter Cover TUK075-1064
Cabinet Screws  


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